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  • Where can I find the latest CV-19 Travel information?
    The best place to find up-to-date info is on Government websites. Both your residing and destination country. For example see a few links below for the UK & Spain. UK Government Advice UK Government Advice - Spain Travelling to Spain by air Travelling to Spain by sea
  • How much do the tours cost?
    All of our guided tours are created differently. Based on your preferences we tailor the activities you do, the food you eat, where you stay etc. By doing this we can make a tour fit with plenty of budgets. You can spend as little or as much as you want!
  • How many bikes come on Vida Avernturas tours?
    We like to have managable groups on our motorbike tours. This allows us to have more close knit experiences, and we don't end up shepherding too much! Around 10-12 people would be the maximum bikes on each tour.
  • Where do you go on your tours?
    Wherever you want to go! At the moment we are focussing our tours mainly through Iberia which features both Spain and Portugal. Within those countries we have plenty of fantastic locations that we love to visit, and would love to share them with you.
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