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We have been touring Spain for over 40 years. During that time we've had the fortune of experiencing fantastic roads, mountain ranges, gorges, castles, cathedrals, wine, tapas, wildlife, high octane thrills and chilled out rides...  the list is truly endless. Travelling Spain is a wonderful experience and full of exceptionally friendly and accepting people.


Make the most of the differences and return home with more than just a sunburn.

Join us on the ferry over or fly-and-ride!


We believe that planning your adventure is truly where your journey starts. Let us be a part of that and share our expert knowledge on this beautiful country. 

Step by step guide

  1. Get in touch. Sign up via the website, email, call, or message us on Facebook.

  2. Questionnaire. We will send you a quick form to fill out just to get a taste of what you would like to do. 

  3. Talk. Chat with one of our experts and go into greater details of the plan. Phone, email, & video call. 

  4. Book. Once your itinerary is finished we'll help you get all booked up and ready to go!

Group Tours

For groups touring together we will ask all participants to fill in and return our questionnaire and with further discussions, an expert guide will design and price your tour. Complimentary video calls are available by Zoom or Skype.

This puts you in control of the sorts of things you do each day, the type of accommodation, distance and time spent travelling, and the regions visited.

We want you to have an adventure that is unique to you.

By taking the time talking and planning together we ensure that all tours are individualised & not the same old package!

Tag along to a tour
As long as there is space, anyone is welcome to join an outlined tour.

Get in touch to discuss the options of joining. The earlier you express interest in coming  the more influence you will have over the design and activities done during the tour.


How are the tours priced?

From the Tour Itinerary, we calculate our costs of;

  • fuel

  • accommodation

  • food 

  • daily guiding fee 


This principal cost is then divided by the number of participants to give the individual fee.


We do not make any extra income by receiving commissions from any hotel or venue.


If there is a discount available for a group booking the savings will be passed directly to you! 


You are responsible for buying your;

  • fuel

  • food

  • ferries

  • flights 

Why this makes us unique

Vida Aventuras tours are different from package tours providers in that we only get paid our daily guide rate and our costs. We feel that this is the fairest way to operate rather than making large profits from commissions or packing as many people on a tour as possible for a fixed rate.

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