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Vida Aventuras guides have over 40 years experience


Duncan Gough

Duncan has been a motorcyclist since the age of 13 (51 years ago).  Every year since 1998 he has travelled around Europe on his Moto Guzzi.

In 2010 he published his first book 'Back Roads of Spain' and after his mother died in 2014 he has made writing his career and has published a further 9 books.


Most of these are his unique guidebooks to Iberia filled with personal experiences sketches and hand-drawn maps.


Nick Tunstill

Nick has been riding motorbikes for 40 years and enjoys the fantastic variety of two-wheeled exploration that is available locally, both on the tarmac and the trails.

In the UK both Nick and his wife Debbie were CBT instructors and took advanced training courses with IAM, ERS and Bikesafe.

In 2017 he and Debbie moved to Catalonia and founded their company, Catalan Adventure.


Our Tours are all about the experiences, not the miles. The maximum will be around 200 miles a day but often less than that. We may be travelling a fair part of the day but I stop when I spot a Golden Eagle, or to get water from a spring/fountain, or for a cup of coffee, or just a great photo opportunity.


Where possible at a bar where I am known and we will get an extra welcome. In the evening we'll all find a good restaurant and have a jolly time. If staying at the Mas del Maco in Catalonia we will get an excellent evening Menu del Dia meal and then we can use the party room etc.


Some evenings there I will give presentations/talks on other areas and aspects of Spain and Portugal from my 40 years of travelling it's back roads.


So join me and let me show you all Spain has to offer.

Duncan Gough

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