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It was a great week and life seems quite flat away from our merry routine of seeing and experiencing so much.


I thought that without any doubt it was a really excellent week and your knowledge of the area, the history and your considerable naturalists talents all gave a dimension to it that we would have missed completely on our own. Hasta luego!

Charlie, Tour through Spain

What I am really writing about is to highly recommend a guide if you organize future trips to Wales (and you should; it is a spectacular area).  My wife met his sister-in-law at an arts conference in Ironbridge, UK last spring and he turned out to be absolutely the best.  His name is Duncan Gough, is very artistic (theatre set design, etc.) an ornithologist, delightful personality, and very knowledgeable about things Welsh as well as other subjects.

An example of his diligence: as an avid motorcyclist, he traversed our entire route in N. Wales 10 days before we arrived to be sure it all made sense and that the logistics would work. This he did without even having met us; believe me, it just guaranteed a trip that went like clockwork. Incidentally, he also does motorcycle trips in Spain looking for raptors!


Our group of six couldn’t recommend him highly enough. We had such a great time with you. It's hard to believe it was only a few days!! Thank you for all you did to make our trip such a pleasure. It's marvellous that we got to visit your home-- a real treat and just a hint of the marvels of Aberystwyth.  My guess (knowing how our travel patterns go) is that we might get to Spain near Bilbao before we get to Wales again.  But we will keep you in the loop-- no question.

Jeff - Group tour through Wales

Dolphins DSC01324.jpg

Pat Eyre  recommends Duncan Gough.

August 25th 2023, my wife Kate and myself met Duncan at the start of our tour with him. We had read reviews and were excited about our ride but did not know exactly what to expect from the tour or the man. But, from day one to the end of our tour 2 weeks later we were not disappointed in any way. Duncan is an easy man to get along with and generous with his knowledge of Spain, its culture, flora and fauna and its back roads which kept us enthralled all the while. His advice and riding tips to us as we progressed through the tour, made for a safer and much more enjoyable ride and increased our riding skills no end. It was a pleasure to take Duncan's tour and I cannot recommend him highly enough and hope to do another tour with him in the future.

Kate Andrews  recommends Duncan Gough.


My partner and I travelled from Australia to do a 2-week tour on motorbikes with Duncan through Northern Spain. It all started with searching after having this idea it would be great to ride in Spain and we found Duncan online. From the very start communicating was easy and friendly, he was very professional and the planning was really smooth. Everything he says about his approach to travel on his website is absolutely true. He is a great travel companion and guide. He has really comprehensive knowledge about the regions we travelled through and is always willing to share - their histories, culture, wildlife and wove a very interesting itinerary to places we definitely wouldn’t have known to go if we were travelling solo. Which led to some great experiences, Including in the towns and cities great restaurants and bars and local places. He was all over all the logistics of bike parking and places to stay that were super easy with bikes but positioned really well to see and do what we wanted. He was very responsive to his group's unique wishes and interests, which we communicated about in the planning. The tour was very relaxed and personal. Only wish Australia was a bit closer to UK & Spain as we would love to do regular tours with Duncan. Unforgettable journey muchas gracias Duncan

Sally Ley

We used Duncan last year (2022). If you need an expert guide with an in depth knowledge of Spain, contact Duncan Ryn Gough he's awesome!

I did my first bike tour of Spain with Duncan. My husband didn't want to be responsible for planning and guiding even though he had guided several other trips. It was the best decision. I learnt new skills following Duncan. As you say he has a wealth of knowledge, culture, flora &  fauna history the last is endless. A great travelling experience and Dincan is now a dear friend. We would thoroughly recommend Duncan Ryn Gough to anyone who wishes to see the real Spain, stress-free on some of the best roads in the world.

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