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Camping & Paradors Guided Tour led by Author Duncan Gough available between June 14/16th and July 4th 2024
Probable cost: Guide Fee 14 days £700
Accomodation £700-£850

Renowned Author Duncan Gough will be leading this tour on his Moto Guzzi V85TT..

The tour will be bespoke and designed to suit the interests and abilities of those who participate. We will have two nights at a time in wonderful mountain campsites (WITH THE OPTION OF A CABIN) and a day ride out unencumbered.  Then stay in luxury in a great hotel/hostal or Parador (In a medieval castle for instance).

The theme is a framework for a great 'life adventure' with an experienced traveller and motorcyclist.


The tour group will meet at the port of Santander (or Bilbao) and head for the beautiful small city of Burgos.

The idea of the tour is to have FUN so we may be attending a Fiesta as well as visiting some fascinating historical sites with great stories to tell.

The tapestry behind the theme is great food and lovely places to stay, great roads, views and company.

We may visit film locations from ‘The Good The Bad and The Ugly’.

The current outline will take us to the Pyrenees; Aragon at least and possibly Catalunya.

We will stay in some wonderful hotels like the magnificent Parador de Santo Domingo de Calzada.

At present, a tour can run between June 16th or 19th and July 4th 2024.  There is flexibility here and you will get a 10% discount on the Ferry booking (code when booking the tour)

Most of the days will have planned activities and places to explore but there will be rest days.

There is only two bike places left on this tour. But Pillions come at a discount.

For more information about this tour and a full itinerary list please get in touch at

The Guide fee covers

·         All admin

·         Guide leading the group at all times

·         Accommodation bookings (you pay on the day)

Not included

·         Ferry/other transit to Spain

·         Fuel

·         Food & drink

·         Accommodation

Vida Aventuras tours are all about what you see, whom you meet and what you learn of the culture, history and geography of the land you are passing through. A Life Adventure!


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