12 Day Guided Tour, Spain

23rd September - 4th October 


This tour is currently ongoing.

Live updates can be found here


  • Off-road motorbiking excursions

  • Must see popular film locations

  • Fantastic roads and scenery through Sierra de la Demanda

  • Striking rock formations at Las Bardenas

  • Wonderful animals up close at the Zoo Del Pirineu

  • Moto Museum, a must for motorcyclists

Experience the real Spain

Spain like a cut gem has many facets, its regions are full of surprise, history and wonder. Taking a road trip through the country will reward you in so many ways, but if you wish to discover the real Spain - a good guide is just as essential as your passport and an up to date map.

Our guided tour this Autumn will feature our guides Duncan Gough & Nick Tunstill. Both of whom have an extensive knowledge of Spain and are itching to share it with you. 

The tour group will meet at the port of Santander (or Bilbao) and kicks off with moto off-roading or a trip around the beautiful small city of Burgos. We will then head eastward into the Ebro valley, staying near the badlands of Bardenas and then moving northeast to Riglos. During the trip we'll visit film locations for Game of Thrones, James Bond & The Good The Bad and The Ugly. On into the Pyrenees and then to some relaxing days near Tarragona in Catalonia. Beaches, river sports, whatever you fancy! Returning to Burgos and the ferry via Soria.

At present the tour will run over a 12 day period, 23rd September to 4th October. Most of the days have planned activities and places to explore. There is flexibility within this tour around dates & the things done, however the sooner you get in touch the more we will be able to accommodate your preferences. If you would prefer to fly and meet up on this tour we can arrange motorbike hire in Spain.   

For more information about this tour and a full itinerary list please get in touch. Either sign up through this site or visit our Facebook page and send us a message. 

​Included in the fee

  • All activities

  • Breakfast & dinner (in most locations)

  • Accommodation

  • Guide costs

Not included

  • Ferry/other transit to Spain

  • Fuel

  • Some food & drink

To quote Louis L’Amour -“Too often I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen.”

Vida Aventuras tours are all about what you see, who you meet and what you learn of the culture, history and geography of the land you are passing through. A Life Adventure!

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