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Spain Motorbike Tour, Launch Time!

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

The long awaited departure. The moment Duncan has been anticipating and preparing for what feels like an age. Travel documents. Health forms. Ferry bookings. Packing. The current state of affairs has thrown a few spanners (and sledgehammers) in the works but all in all, the anxious excitement of travelling still remains. As usual Duncan has been documenting his adventure and will be sharing his experiences during this tour. The following takes us through the beginning of Vida Aventuras' first tour episode this year. From the UK to Spain.

Leaving Aberystwyth on my first trip to Spain for 2 whole years. Final packing and Wales wept on me it was so sad to see me go. Drat, better get the waterproofs out! As expected by the time I got to Rhayader it had stopped and at Magor services I had to stop and get out of the kit or boil alive. Not that it was that warm, but inside a boiling bag gets a bit sweaty. A coffee was a welcome treat. Normal trick, I held the cup out of the way whilst the machine spews hot water, get it under at the end and catch the coffee.

I arrived in Plymouth with plenty of time to spare in case of any Covid paperwork hold-ups, straight through to the dockside queue! A bit of a wait so I got busy handing out fresh Welsh figs from my tree at home. I’ve just eaten far too many of them over the last couple of weeks. They were pleasantly received by fellow bikers.

I was pretty much first aboard. I made my way down to the bottom deck and just got my little tarp over the bike seat before the greasy cushion and ratchet strap (Example pic right) were slung over. Worthwhile because when they tighten it up the strap drags the cushion across the seat and if there is grit embedded from the deck it will scratch or otherwise mark your seat.

Another small tip, have a small separate bag ready with the things you'll need on board. You won't need to faff through your whole pack once you get on board. Lift off and away to the cabin without a struggle. Leave your helmet on the bike, no-one will nick it and the deck is locked until disembarkation.

Finally. What a wonderful feeling. On board the good old Pont Aven. Whales and Dolphins out to sea just waiting to say hello and wave fin on the long miles across the expanse of the Biscay Bay. The prize at the end arriving at Santander and heading inland to the rich and expansive Spanish lands.

Thanks for reading. We'll share the experiences of the tour via this blog and through our Facebook page. So be sure to give us a Like on there for the latest updates.

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